XPS Usage on Xpansion

XPS Usage

XPS is required for Land Settlement Upgrades and in subsequent planned stages of the game, to build Arks in order to colonize new worlds (as part of Stage 2), that have yet to be discovered. XPS will also be needed to field military units in subsequent planned stages.

Staking XPS

Players will be able to stake XPS to their own lands or any other player’s Land to express their support for the player’s cause to earn rewards. The land owners can set how much of a percentage of the rewards that they wish to share with the stakers. Ultimately players will stake XPS to the land of other players that are willing to share in their Player Reward Pool distributions. We may see this staking system as the basis for ranking systems, clans and alliances to form over time. A governance system may take shape where the players with the most XPS staked towards them form the foundation of a DAO-based system for the game. Players may also stake XPS to their own Land.

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