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XPS Usage on Biswap

Xpansion provides many ways to earn money in both Wax and BSC blockchains. One of many ways to get high APY/APR is farming XPS on Biswap. Follow these steps to farm on Biswap: 1.Guide how to provide liquidity Before farming, the wallet owner must become Liquidity Provider by following this instruction: Step 1: Go to the link https://exchange.biswap.org/#/add/0xe9e7cea3dedca5984780bafc599bd69add087d56/0x4f745c0c7da552a348c384da1a5baeb28f2c607c
Or Select “Liquidity” on menu bar
Then select “Add Liquidity” and select XPS-BUSD pair
Step 2: Input BUSD and XPS amount (the wallet owner needs to have BUSD and XPS in their account before this step)
Step 3: Add and accept both of the tokens, then the “Supply” button appears, click the button to add liquidity
Step 4: Confirm supply
2.Guide how to farm on Biswap Step 1: Go to the link https://biswap.org/farms or select “Farms” on the left menu
Step 2: Search for “XPS” in “search farms” bar
Then select the XPS-BUSD farming pair
Step 3: Select “Unlock Wallet” if BSC wallet haven’t been login yet
Select “Enable Farm” to farm XPS-BUSD pair
Step 4: After paying some BNB fee, the button “Stake LP” appears, select the button to stake
Step 5: Input the amount of LP and select “Confirm
After that, please wait for the harvest
Enjoy your harvest,
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