Upgrade Clickers

For extending the time of clicker, player can upgrade the time clicker to 4-5 and 7-8 hours.

Each Clicker level will require all types of resources with different amounts to be spent for its upgrade. 1. How to upgrade clickers

If you are newbie in our system, you can follow step-by-step the below guide:

Step 1: From main menu, choose "Mine" section

Step 2: Select "Change" on any land

Step 3: Select "Timer" tab

Step 4: Select "Upgrade" button on the Time Clicker which you want to upgrade

Step 5: Check the required amount of resource

Note: If you are not enough resource the resource will be shown with red text.

Step 6: Choose "OK" and sign transaction

You will see an alert for processing of transaction upgrade. Please wait an second and reload your page

You can check your upgrade time clicker in "Inventory

2. Upgrade Cost Xpansion currently has 2 types of Time Clickers: 3 hours (Silver Time Clicker) and 6 hours (Golden Time Clicker).

In this update, 3-hour Time Clicker will be upgradable to 4 hours (Silver Plus Time Clicker) and 5 hours (Silver Premium Time Clicker). In addition, 6-hour Time Clicker will be upgradable to 7 hours (Golden Plus Time Clicker) and 8 hours (Golden Premium Time Clicker).

Below is the upgrade cost table for Time Clickers.

*Note: Upgrade costs will be charged on users' balance

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