After a period of landing on the Kepler 22B, the federation's science council has found some new obstacles that may affect human habitation on the planet. The federation has decided to start an exploration campaign to search for resourceful and habitable new planets. However, the universe is full of dangers, and the discovery process takes a lot of time. Therefore, they decided to host an Arena in the Cygnus constellation to find and recruit talented captains to train for the upcoming galaxy exploration campaign.

Cygnus Arena's Gameplay

  1. Battle Cards

Each card will have 3 indicators as in the following picture:

Indicator 1: Card’s species

Three main species in Xpansion are Creature, BattleBot, and Spaceman, and the counter rule for species is Spaceman>BattleBot>Creature>Spaceman

Indicator 2: Card’s specialization

There are 3 specializations that a card may belong to: Spaceforce, Artillery, and Infantry. The specialization's counter rule is Spaceforce>Infantry>Artillery>Spacefore.

The indicator in the cards only shows the abbreviation of specializations as in the following explanation

SPA: Spaceforce INF: Infantry ART: Artillery

Indicator 3: Card’s score Card’s scores go from number 1 to number 5. The card with the higher score will win.

2. Formation Rules

After getting a ticket for the Cygnus Arena, a player can start choosing a formation to start matching. Players will select 3 cards from 45 types of available cards to create a formation for the battle. The sum of 3 cards’ scores must be lower or equal to 8

3. How to play Cygnus Arena

After forming a team of three cards, players select “Battle” to start matching. The battle cards will face each other one by one from left to right, the battle rules are as follows:

- The winning Specialization will automatically increase its card score by 1 point. For example, an Infantry card with score 2 will become score 3 if it matches with an Artillery card

- After score adjustments, if a card has a higher score then it wins the round

- If 2 cards have the same score after adjustments, the card with the winning Species will win the round. For example, Infantry Creature score 2 will lose against Infantry Battlebot score 2

- If 2 cards have the same score (after adjustments) and species, then the round is drawn

- In each round, each card will fight each other and who best 2 out of 3 will be the winner. For further, if player A win 1 round and draw 2 round or win 2 round and draw or lose 1 round then player A is the winner

- If the results of 3 rounds are draw or 1 win, 1 lose and 1 draw then the battle are count as draw

4. Arena Tickets

Each Cygnus Arena battle requires 1 ticket, and users spent an amount of XPS to buy Arena tickets as the following table




100 XPS


500 XPS


1000 XPS

5. Battle Rewards

Winners will be rewarded XPS, or arena tickets, etc. The rewards are random and might change each season. User will receive one of the rewards below after winning a battle (rewards in tickets are converted to equivalent value in XPS).



from 100 XPS to 150 XPS


from 150 XPS to 500 XPS


from 500 XPS to 2000 XPS


6. Season 1 Rewards

In addition to battle rewards, there are leaderboard rewards. The first season will start from 9:00 UTC May, 30th and last for 3 weeks. In the first season, 3 players with the top leaderboard scores will receive the following season rewards: Top 1: 1 Legendary land Top 2: 1 Epic land + 1 Legendary Material Extractor Top 3: 1 Epic Land

*Note: - Score will be calculated by battle results following this rule: players get 2 points if it wins, 0 if it draws, and -1 point if it loses - The final results we be snapshot at 9:00 UTC June, 20th

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