Step 1: Go to the link:

Step 2: Choose your Wallet.

If you do not have Wax wallet or Anchor wallet, you can refer to this guide:

Case 1: Connect Wax wallet

- Click 'Wax Cloud' and 'Approve' on the wax cloud page.

Case 2: Connect Anchor Wallet

You need to install Anchor wallet in your device before register an account on XPS game.

- Choose 'Anchor Wallet'

- Click 'Launch Achor' and 'Open Anchor Wallet'

- Sign transaction in 'Sign Request'

Step 3: Input your account name

Note: Account name need to have at least 4 characters, only alphabets and numbers

Step 4: Agree our regulation and click 'Continue

Step 5: Sign transaction in 'Sign Request', and enjoy Xpansion

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