Repair Rent Equipment

After renting a land, and inputting the rent equipment, user must repair the equipment after a number of uses

1. Repair mechanism

The indicator will turn to yellow color when the durability is past 80% usage, which means it can be repaired. Users can click on this indicator button for repairing only this equipment.

When the durability reaches 100% usage, which means the equipment is broken, and cannot mine anymore. The Claim button will disappear, and the Repair button will show up under the equipment’s tab

Click the button or select Repair all to repair all renting equipment

2. Repair cost

Equipment repair costs are defined based on equipment types and rarities. The costs are for 100 hours mining. If an item is repaired before reaching 100 hours of mining, repair costs will be calculated as (Base cost) *(number of hours mined) / 100.

Robotic Miner

Material Extractor

Material Refiner


*Note: Repair costs will be charged on users' balance

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