Time Clicker

Time Clickers



Golden Time Clicker

Silver Time Clicker


Clickers are used to extend claim time duration to 3 hours (Silver Clickers) or 6 hours (Golden Clickers) it can be used in Mining and Staking features. Once land owners apply the clickers, all rentees and stakers will share the benefits of using the Clickers To use a clicker, please follow the steps below: Step 1: From the main menu, click on “Mine

Step 2: From “Owning land” find the land you want to add clicker and select “Change

Step 3: Click “Timer

Step 4: Click “Add” and sign the transaction request.

Note: You can remove Timer Clicker by clicking to “Remove” button after putting it on your land

To see if the clickers are working, players can look at the icon running in the left corner of their land after attach a clicker to a land.

The “Claim” button will be shown “Claim x 2,3,...,6” after 2,3,...,6 hours you put your Time clicker to your land.

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