Mine Resource

All pieces of land owned by the player or rented from other players will be displayed in the Main menu. Each piece of land has its own resource mining cycle and resources are mined automatically during the cycle.

The number of resources mined from each piece of land depends on certain criteria:

  • The land’s rarity

  • The land’s settlement level

  • The attached equipment rarity (in case of land owner’s mining activities)

  • The renters’ equipment rarity (in case of each land renter’s mining activities)

  • The attached timer effects

  • The duration for 1 mining cycle is currently set at 1 hour.

Note: Players need to have a land NFT in their wallets or rent a land from other players in order to claim resources.

  1. Step 1: Wait until the mining countdown for a piece of land ends

  2. Step 2: Click on Claim button for each piece of land or Claim All button to claim resources from all Owning land with completed mining cycle.

Note: - You need to wait until the mining countdown for a piece of land ends. - Resources will go to Storage after claiming, users need to withdraw it to Balance for further usages

3. Step 3: Sign transaction on your wallet

4. Step 4: Click 'Ok'

Once claimed successfully, you can see your resources updated on your storage (on XPS Main menu) or see the resources in your wallet (Anchor, WAX cloud).

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