User Guide

Transfer NFT from BSC to Wax

Step 1: If you have NFT on the binance.com, you need to withdraw your NFT to BSC external wallet on Metamask.
You can refer to this guide: https://www.binance.com/en/support/faq/a2fb25696162460f9379c0ba43c5c622
Step 2: Access the NFT Bridge and connect your BSC and Wax wallets
NFT Bridge link (accessible from Xpansion website): https://bridge-nft.xpsgame.io/
  • Click “Connect WAX” button to connect your WAX wallet
-> You can choose connect with Anchor wallet or Wax Cloud Wallet
Read this link to know more about Anchor & Wax Cloud Wallet: https://xpansion-game.fandom.com/wiki/How_to_create_Wallet%3F
Also when you encounter insufficient RAM or CPU when using the 2 wallets above, go to this link for further information:
+ Choose "Anchor" if you are using Anchor wallet and sign request in Anchor application
+ Choose "Cloud" if you are using Wax Cloud wallet and click "Approve" on the Wax transaction request.
  • Click “Connect BSC” button to connect your BsC wallet on Metamask
Step 3: Find your NFT in “Inventory” or “Mini NFT
Step 4: Getting the token ID
- Access: https://bscscan.com/address/0x1dDB2C0897daF18632662E71fdD2dbDC0eB3a9Ec - Select tab "Contract" -> "Read Contract"
- Input owner’s BSC wallet address
- In index input the index of NFT Note: If you have 3 NFT for example then input 0 first, then 1 or 2 in the next times
- Click “query” to get NFT ID.
Note: - Replace 0 other number in “Index” and query again - This step only required for Golden Space Pod
Step 5: Click to “Swap” button below the NFT you want to transfer
Step 6: Confirm transaction for the gas fee on your BSC wallet
Note: In the first time transfer, you need to pay gas for transaction approve
Step 7: Select “Close” to finish the transaction.
You can check transaction history on the left screen.
Note: Transferring NFT between 2 blockchains might cost some gas fee, and it is paid to Binance Smart Chain
After bridge finish, you can claim your NFT on the Wax chain to start the game.
Follow this video tutorial to start playing Xpansion game:
You may follow our detailed guide here: User's guides