Renting a piece of land from other players?

Landowners can rent out their land to earn extra resources (excluding XPS) mined by renters.

A land piece has maximum 3 rental slots and go through 3 statuses:

  • Available: a land piece which is not put up for rent

  • For Rent: a land piece which is put up for rent and more than 1 rental slot unoccupied

  • Being Rented: a land piece with all 3 rental slots occupied.

You need to have at least one land NFT in your wallets.

Step 1: From main menu, click on 'Mine'

Step 2: Go to Renting land

You can find and choose one of the land you want to rent here.

Step 3: Click 'Rent' on a panel with blank land slot

Step 4: Select a land piece from the list of available rental land.

Note: A portion of the resources mined from the rental land will be paid to the landowner, depending on the rental tax rate (%)

  • On the left screen click "Fetch More" button to load more lands and find more options for the best choise the renting land

Please note that the page will update again if you reload it

  • You can search the land which you want to rent by "ID" in List tab or "Coordinates" in Map tab

  • Select your choose renting land

  • Click "Rent" button

Step 5: Sign transaction on 'Signing Request'

Once succeeded, the land details are now displayed in the previously blank panel.

Step 6: Claim the resources mined from renting land in 'Renting'

Note: Renter can end the rental contract immediately while landowner can end the rental contract after 1 mining session.

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