Stake LP Pool

Xpansion provide an LP Pool that assure high APR. at the moment, users can stake WAXXPS to gain XPS, WAX or other crypto currencies in the near future.

Before staking WAXXPS in LP pool, users must provide liquidity pool in Alcor to earn WAXXPS LP token. Please follow the steps below to add liquidity in Alcor

Step 1: Go to the website and then select "+ Liquidity"

Step 2: Provide liquidity by adding 2 tokens WAX and XPS on the pool

After providing liquidity successfully, the screen will display as the following picture. Also the LP token is distributed to owner's wallet. The Position (LP-T) shown the number of WAXXPS receive after provide liquidity. The picture below indicate that investors will receive 65.8867872 WAXXPS after provide 10 WAX and 463.609508 XPS to liquidity pool

Staking WAXXPS to LP Pool by following these steps Step 1: Go to the website

Step 2: Select a Staking pool and click "Stake" for staking WAXXPS and earn XPS or other crypto currencies

*Note: - Remember to click "Claim" to receive rewards from staking - To unstake token, select "Unstake" and go to "Refund" to receive token - User must wait 1 hour to receive refund token

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