Upgrade Land

Each land comes with a default settlement level. Upgrading the settlement on the land will greatly boost the XPS production rate of said land.

Each settlement level will require all types of resources with different amounts to be spent for its upgrade.

You need to have a land NFT and sufficient in your wallets' balance.

Step 1: From main menu, click on 'Mine'

Step 2: Click on 'Upgrade' and 'Ok' to proceed

Note: When upgrading, the land NFT with the old settlement level will be burned and a new NFT with the upgraded settlement level is minted and sent to your wallet.

You need to have enough resources required for each level to upgrade success.

Step 3: Sign transaction on 'Signing Request'

Once succeeded, the new settlement details will replace the old level.

*Note: Upgrade costs will be charged on users' balance

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