Create Wallet

At the moment, Xpansion has connected with 2 wallets in Wax network, which are Wax Cloud Wallet and Anchor Wallet. This article will instruct to create those wallets.

Wax Cloud Wallet

Step 1: Go to the link

Step 2: Select a Social Media to sign up

*Note: - Select Facebook, Twitter or Discord for free sign up - If you want to sign up with your email address then you should follow the process below First, select create account with Google, then it will requires 5 WAX for activation. Select "Where can I purchase WAXP?" and select the suitable purchase method

If you select CEX platform (Binance, Okex, Huobi, etc.) as a payment method, you must send 5 WAXP to the address with the exact memo Wax provided on Activation Required step. After sending it, the system will automatically active your account without doing any further steps. Step 3: Accept the Term of Use to finish the process

Step 4: Set up 2-Factors Authentication

- Go to Setting and select Account Security

- Enter the code that has been sent to your email address and click “Continue

- Following up, scan the QR Code with your 2FA application on your phone (Google Authenticator or Authy)

- Save your back up code in case you need to recover 2FA

- The below image indicate 2FA security is enabled

*Note: Wax wallet’s private key is saved in Wax Cloud so there is no way to receive it. Therefore, you must use 2 FA code or backup code to login Wax wallet in other devices.

Anchor Wallet

Step 1: Go to App Store or Google Play to download Anchor Wallet

- App store:

- CH Play:

Step 2: Open the Anchor Wallet App and select Add Account. Then select Create Account

Step 3: Select Wax Account. The store will charge you a few dollars to create account. Xpansion connect to Wax only so please select the correct network to create account.

Step 4: Create a name, character a-z and numbers 1-5 or select Random Name and then select Next to continue

Step 5: Make purchase and create account

Step 6: Select Backup account and confirm your identity. Save your backup and store your encrypted key

Set up Anchor Wallet for PC

Step 1: Go to and select Download for Windows

Step 2: Open Wallet after finishing download it, and click Home and select Manage Block Chains

Step 3: Select Add/Remove then select Wax Blockchain

Step 4: Back to Home and select Import an existing account

Step 5: Import your Private Key which can be found in the Mobile app

You will login to the account immediately after enter the Private Key.

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