Rent out a piece of land to other players?

Land owners can rent out their land to earn extra resources (excluding XPS) mined by renters.

A land piece has maximum 3 rental slots and go through 3 statuses:

  • Available: a land piece which is not put up for rent

  • For Rent: a land piece which is put up for rent and more than 1 rental slot unoccupied

  • Being Rented: a land piece with all 3 rental slots occupied.

You need to have at least one land NFT in your wallets.

Step 1: From main menu, click on Land Management

Step 2: Click on "Change Tax" button

Step 3: Input the desired Tax rate and confirm to proceed

Note: Tax rate is the portion of resources mined from the rental land the renters will pay to the landowner

Step 4: Sign transaction on 'Signing Request'

Once succeeded, the land status is changed to “For Rent” and now displayed on the rental land list so other players can rent it.


- The landowner can always change the Tax Rate as long as all 3 rental slots are unoccupied.

- Landowners can always end contracts so that they can freely choose partners.

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