Repair Equipment And Lands

After deploying an equipment to a land, user must repair the equipment and the land after a number of uses 1. How to use the function Each land and equipment has 100 durabilities. When land has no equipment, there is only 1 indicator suggesting the number of uses

The durability loss only applies to the land because there is no equipment. When users deploy an equipment, the durability will count for the land as well as the equipment. The second indicator near the land level shows the number of equipment uses

The indicator will turn to yellow color when the durability is past 80% usage, which means it can be repaired. Users can click on this indicator for repairing equipment only or land only.

Even when the equipment is in green status land (not required to repair), when it is deployed to yellow (low durability alert) or red status land (need to repair). Such equipment will be repaired after clicking Repair all button if the usage is >0

When the durability reaches 100% usage, which means the equipment is broken, and cannot be mine anymore. The Claim button will disappear, and the Repair button will show up under the equipment’s tab

Click the button or select Repair all to repair all lands and equipment

2. The cost of repair 2.1 The repair cost of equipment

Equipment repair costs are defined based on equipment types and rarities. The costs are for 100 hours of mining. If an item is repaired before reaching 100 hours of mining, repair costs will be calculated as (Base cost) *(number of hours mined) / 100.

Robotic Miner

Material Extractor

Material Refiner


2.2 The repair cost of lands Resources repair for land is in the following table

X is 10% when the land does not deploy clickers and it is a default land X will be calculated by this formula XPS cost (%) = 10%* (Land upgrade level reduction + Time clicker owned reduction) Land upgrade level reduction is 2% each level Time clicker owned reduction is calculated by the number of claims by this formula Time clicker owned reduction = (Claim times – 1) *5% For example: The owner has land at Settlement 2 which is level 7 so the reduced cost for upgraded land is 2%*7 = 14% Owner has a Clickers and claims when it indicates Claim x3 so the time clicker own reduction is (3-1)*5% = 10% XPS cost(%) of such land will be 10%* (14%+10%) = 10%*24% = 7.6%.

*Note: The last time such land click claims mine will be used to calculate the XPS cost charged by the formula: XPS cost = Last XPS mined value * number of claims * % XPS reduction

*Note: Repair costs will be charged on users' balance

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