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Select Arena Formation

After getting a ticket for the Cygnus Arena, a player can start choosing a formation to start matching. Players will select 3 cards from 45 types of available cards to create a formation for the battle. The sum of 3 cards’ scores must be lower or equal to 8
Folow the steps below to form a formation for Arena battle:
Step 1: Select a card by clicking
Step 2: Select species and click “Next
Step 3: Select specialization and click “Next
Step 4: Select card’s score and click “Next
Repeat step 2 and step 3 and step 4 to select the other cards. Also, if players want to edit their formation, point at the card which need to edit, click the symbol
and select the suitable one
*Note: The “Start” button only enable after select 3 cards lower or equal to 8
Each card will have 3 indicators as in the following picture:
Indicator 1: Card’s species
Three main species in Xpansion are Creature, BattleBot, and Spaceman, and the counter rule for species is Spaceman>BattleBot>Creature>Spaceman
Indicator 2: Card’s specialization
There are 3 specializations that a card may belong to: Spaceforce, Artillery, and Infantry. The specialization's counter rule is Spaceforce>Infantry>Artillery>Spacefore.
The indicator in the cards only shows the abbreviation of specializations as in the following explanation
SPA: Spaceforce INF: Infantry ART: Artillery
Indicator 3: Card’s score
Card’s scores go from number 1 to number 5. The card with the higher score will win.