Time Clicker Booster

Lands with Time Clickers will be able to boost its XPS mining power by 10% by over-repairing. Over-repairing cost (or boosting cost) is calculated as 10% of the land's repair costs. *Note: each land can buy up to a maximum of 100 hours of boosting. When the number of boosting hours is below 100 then one can buy to refill up to 100 hours.

The base costs for 100 hours of boosting per land rarity are shown in the table below.

The actual costs are calculated proportionally to the number of boosting hours purchased. For example, if a land is buying 30 hours of boosting then the cost is calculated as 30% of the above base table.

Lands can only boost mining power when using Time Clickers. If a land is mining without a Time Clicker, boosting mode is deactivated even when its boosting hours still remain. Follow the steps below to boost the mining land Step 1: Add Time Clicker to the land needed to boost, the screen will display a new parameter

Step 2: Click the Parameter, the timer boost notice will appear, click “OK” to pay for the boost or Select "Boost All" button to boost all possessed lands which has clickers

The picture below indicate that the booster is active on the applied land, the parameter will show the available usage numbers, also the XPS output will turn to yellow

*Note: Boosting costs will be charged on users' balance

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